Faz Styro is a character originating from the Gunsmoke universe. She was Wendy Macgregor's main employer and contractor, as well as being one of Novobrazil's most prominent black market gun dealers for a good while.

She is typically portrayed as a dark haired woman, modestly dressed in a white coat.


Faz Styro, for a majority of her stay in Novobrazil, was a black market trader with some very expensive products. She would most often deal in weapons, and freelancers all over the city would flock to obtain weaponry from Faz, the reliable if a little standoffish gun dealer.

Having at first been captured and held for double-dollars by Wendy Macgregor and Silver-eyes, weeks afterward following the assassination attempt on Conrad Kara, Faz confronted Wendy when she was alone and scared.

Faz presented Wendy with a large knife, and simply gave her the instructions to run to the hospital and to "deal with" whatever was in room 1B. Wendy did as Faz requested, mostly as she was terrified and confused by Faz's calm yet subtly intimidating nature. Wendy murdered all of the occupants of the room before Conrad was rushed to the same room for emergency medical care.

Faz's sniper

Faz's sniper, moments before being used in the agreed upon contract.

Faz provided many contracts and deals for Wendy as she completed them, and she paid the murderer for each of the crimes committed. Though they had little in common, they did share the common ground of sadism, and were both known to be Thrill Killers at the time.

Despite her impassive expression and distaste for any real conversation outside of work, Faz had demonstrated her care once Wendy had been shot and incapacitated by the NBPS, posing as a private buyer for a wealthy, paid doctor to resuscitate and mend her pupil.

After their last contract involving a sniper rifle, Faz finally left Novobrazil for the frontier, bidding Wendy farewell. For now at least, as she had put it.

Alleged Death


Faz Styro, as she appears in Wendy's hallucinations.

Though many would tell Wendy again and again that Faz died out in the frontier, she would refuse to ever believe it. No one truly knows what really happened to the dealer and contractor, and she is often a recurring element in Wendy's psyche due to their deadly and disturbing interactions, typically in the form of hallucinations or voices in Wendy's head.


  • Would have initially committed suicide, if not for the help of Reisende.
  • Nearly killed after being subdued and traded off for money, resulting in the surgery scars and popped veins typically seen about her face.
  • Committed many killings herself, many of which Wendy stumbled upon prior to their meeting.
  • Is very rarely seen without her trademark jacket.