Jackie Christmas is an original character part of the Hotline: Miami and Gunsmoke universes.

She bares strong resemblance to Wendy Macgregor, though is a different person entirely. She is depicted as having blonde hair, typically tied up and rather large brown eyes.

Her personality is very eccentric and she can be even erratic most of the time.

Hotline: Miami

1987 in Miami would have that Jackie Christmas receive a phone call from Sark, on the topic of patriotism. Jackie isn't exactly the brightest woman but she knew what she stood for: a clean city. Her father being addicted to cocaine, her one wish was to rid the city of drugs for good, and she believed that Sark was her ticket to do so.

Jackie frequently accepted contracts from Sark, mainly those having to do with Colombian gangs but often she would accept contracts regarding the Russian Mob as well.

She is later killed by Sark in an accident, before Sark and Michaelis's encounter at the old soviet bar.


Jackie Christmas was a fictional character created by Wendy Macgregor, intended as an alias for the botched police job. It was invented by Wendy after coining the idea of "Pendy Pacgregor" as an alias, however Reisende believed this name was far too obvious and would never allow it.

After the job, Wendy took a great fancy to the name, even going so far as to name her and Michaelis-02's adoptive daughter after such an alias.

Jackie Michaelis

Jackie Michaelis is the adoptive daughter of Michaelis-02 and Wendy Macgregor. Having learned to fight at rather young age, apart from physical features she bares many strong resemblances to Wendy, even a light Fleecian accent.

She was adopted at the age of two years old, on the pressure of Wendy for mostly opting to raise another bare knuckle champion to get rich off of, like she intended to have done with her life.

She held a very close connection with both of her parents, and was fed lies that she was Wendy's biological daughter until the age of 23, 12 years after her mother's disappearance.

After the disappearance and declared death of her mother, she took up her leather jacket and would continue her legacy.