Michaelis (or Michaelis-02) is a character in the Gunsmoke universe.

He is a fully functional and very life-like android, created in the image of Nikk'yea Michaelis. He is depicted as having bleached blonde / blonde hair, blue eyes and some rather formal (though messy) clothing.

He is the current lover of Wendy Macgregor.


Standing as the current leader of the Scarlet Viper Company (or SVC), Michaelis commands a wide variety of men and women from deckers, to psykers to even mere mercenaries or soldiers. Michaelis typically operates out of the Pleasure Palace, along with the rest of SVC.

Among some of the most idolized and sought after men and women of Novobrazil (apart from Mr. Bitches of course), he is known to be forward, concise and a little celebrity-like if not a little eccentric himself.

Both a smooth talking business man and an absolute gunslinging maniac with a few good pistols, Michaelis is rounded out to be ideal in nearly any situation that may quickly go sour.

The Michaelis Breakout

Most people don't have a 'get out of jail free' card. So, you know. Don't waste it. - Asker

A feud running deeper than blood drove the Scarlet Vipers to strike against the chief of Novobrasil's underworld, Mister Bitches, directly, but in their eagerness, they were careless, stumbling directly into the clutches of the tyrant. In a daring attack against the Superbang Novomanor - Mister Bitches' slum-palace - the Scarlet Vipers hoped to put an end to the monster behind the name once and for all, but were met with a resistance the likes of which the seasoned freelancers had never experienced before. Mister Bitches had anticipated their assault weeks in advance, and had prepared accordingly. 

They didn't stand a chance.

Those that could run, did: but they did so at the cost of several of their members, captured by the underworld tyrant. A team as close-knit as this one can't allow an injustice to stand for long, particularly one from such a longstanding enemy.

With bigger problems plaguing the Omega Quadrant calling their attention, the behemoth hunter Kurt Asker and his android Ralphis Galkinsmelter couldn't be dealing with Fornacian problems. The duo have taken it upon themselves (with the help of master mercenary Kiefer Zann) to organize and equip a team capable of reassembling the Scarlet Vipers, aiming to fill a gap of experience that will hopefully lay a foundation for future freelancers to stand on.


  • Rumored to created with a sex / pleasure bot in mind
  • Despite being almost completely synthetic, Michaelis smokes krimbosticks and frequently drinks alcohol (mainly Bilk)
  • The only actual lover that consented to dating Wendy Macgregor