Mizuki Darkwater is an original character seen in the Half-Life universe.

She is depicted as an Asian-American woman with long, dark hair and a very messy face. Mizuki Darkwater is very prevalent on self-harm, and shaved down her teeth while on morphine in order to depict them as fangs.


Mizuki Darkwater is a confirmed 10-103M as of the Combine Occupation, and would typically draw whiskers on her face and lure people into an alleyway, and rarely her apartment before cutting them up to eat them shortly after.

Darkwater suffered from Kuru, and her hands and fingers would often shake and jitter. She would also often willingly chip off her own fingernails to keep in her pocket, as she had believed it was good luck.

Rarely caught, Mizuki would often suffer brash and rough beatings to her cranium when encountered by the Civil Protection. Due to her seemingly harmless and innocent nature, she was never given anything more than a re-education.

City 8

Upon her transfer from City 17 to City 8, she lived in the larger tunnels underneath the bar. During a raid, she was caught eating a week-old corpse that had been burned prior, and she was executed on sight as being mistaken for a necrotic at the time by an 03.