Nikk'yea Aafrayd Michaelis (or just Nikk'yea Michaelis) is a character originating from the Gunsmoke universe.

Depicted as an older blonde woman with two prosthetic leg augments, she is the creator of Michaelis and was imprisoned in Corpclave Maximum Security prison for years before using her own wits and a little bit of technology to cause an uprising escape the facility, along with hundreds of other prisoners at the time.


Nikk'yea is mother to many creations, though one of her most prominent of constructions is without doubt Michaelis-02 ; a life-like android created in Nikk'yea's image.

According to Nikk'yea herself, she had lost her legs before being sentenced to 100 years in Corpclave Maximum Security prison, and scrapped together weak parts to compensate to which she eventually augmented herself with through time, effort and stealth.

Nikk'yea is nothing if not resourceful, and shares many traits with Michaelis-02, from a love of bilk to the forward if not eccentric attitude.

Nikk'yea is right hand man and second in command of the Scarlet Viper Company along with her creation Michaelis being the DeFacto leader, which often poses the question of who is really leading the organization.